Diaphragm valve for corrosive media

The MV series diaphragm valve from VSM Engineering has system-relevant advantages for users. Depending on the area of application, the valve is also available with a pneumatic drive.

The right composition is important because in applications with corrosive media, the diaphragm valves used must ensure tightness and durability in order to safely control gases, steam and fluids. The quality of the material determines the robustness and functionality of the fitting. The diaphragm valve series MV impresses with these properties and is ideal for applications in the industrial sector thanks to its first-class quality. The body of the MV diaphragm valve is made of stainless steel, the diaphragm made of highly corrosion-resistant HC 276. The MV series can be used for applications with inert and corrosive gases as well as for liquid media that have toxic and corrosive properties.

Pneumatic drive for diaphragm valve MV

The diaphragm valve is designed for applications up to PN 4 and a nominal diameter of DN 250. The possible operating temperatures cover a range from -50°C to +300°C. A suitable pneumatic drive is also available, the housing of which is made of either aluminum or hard-coated aluminum. The drive is suitable for a control air of 4 – 8 bar and a control air connection of G 1/8″ and fits all VSM valves. As a specialist in quality valves, VSM Engineering supplies numerous customers who maintain particularly demanding system processes. Thanks to decades of experience in the international valve market, VSM knows the demands that industrial customers place on diaphragm valves and delivers market-driven, innovative solutions.

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